About the Project

In 2008, we (Kate and Kaitlin) traveled to Tanzania for the summer to teach English at a small elementary school in the remote village of Kipili.  We knew it would be an eye-opening, life-changing experience.  But little did we know that we would make amazing lifelong friendships with people whose lives resembled nothing like our own.

We left Kipili that summer with a promise to our friends – that we would do what we could to support them in going to College.  Now, we are bringing together our community to help move this promise to completion.

What makes the Kipili Education Project so special is that these people are not strangers.  They are our friends, and we know first hand how deserving they are of an education.  The Kipili community welcomed us with open arms and hearts.  They shared their culture with us, and took care of us during our stay.  During the summer we learned first hand of the overwhelming desire to get an education, and came to understand what a profound effect it would have on their lives.  Education is taken for granted in our own lives, it is the rule and not the exception.

From one community to another, let’s help share our good fortune with deserving friends.   Not only will they be able to get better jobs, but we know they will take this act of kindness and “pay it forward” in multiples.

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